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How To Choose Your Website Design Company

website design imageWeb design is one of the most important elements of a good digital marketing plan. If you don’t have a good website, a huge part of your marketing budget is going to be wasted, as very few users are going to become paying customers. The lower your conversion rate, the more money you have to spend to achieve your desired goals. This is why you need to make sure your website is the perfect sales funnel that takes your visitors by the hand and guides them through all steps, to the final point when they make a purchase or do whatever action you want them to, be it you wish they subscribe to your newsletter, fill in a form or add some products to their shopping cart.

These being said, the web design agency has to be able to build you such a website. They need to be aware of the basic usability principles and the browsing habits of your consumers so that they can implement them in all elements of your website. You can easily see whether the agency people know all these by the questions they are going to ask you. If they don’t need to know anything for delivering you a website, you should be careful, as they might not be real experts. On the contrary, a web designer who asks you about your ideal customer profile, about the primary purpose of each of your pages, and about your overall digital marketing strategy is most probably a seasoned expert who has built a lot of successful websites. You can trust such experts to help you create a compelling site to serve you as a useful selling tool in all your marketing activities.

When choosing your web designer, you need to check out their portfolios, as they can speak volumes about the skills and the professionalism of these creatives. A substantial work portfolio with many websites that look beautiful is one of the best recommendations an agency could have. This doesn’t mean that a new web designer or agency isn’t able to deliver outstanding work, but if they haven’t been able to put together a portfolio, they may not be as good as they pretend. Someone who is excellent is always going to do some mock-up projects or free work for friends or family members, just to have some things to show to their first paying customers.

References are another important point you should check in your search for the best website design company. You need to learn from their other clients how happy they are with the work delivered by the agency, with the overall communication, and with the cooperation between the designer and the product manager in charge of developing the website. You also need to check whether the agency respects the agreed deadlines, as this might become vital when you need to coordinate multiple marketing activities. You can’t afford to issue invitations and organize a launch party for your website, and not have it online just before the big day. If your agency isn’t able to deliver on time, you might lose your credibility, as your clients and business partners are going to feel deceived, if you don’t keep your promises.

Last but not least, you should also consider the price of the web design services and the ongoing maintenance costs. However, you shouldn’t let the price dictate your actions, as this may lead you into a trap. You can go ahead and choose the least expensive of the best professionals on your shortlist, but you shouldn’t start with a fixed price in mind. Anyway, it’s not a bad idea to organize a pitch and invite all three or four agencies or freelancers on your shortlist to participate. This is going to stimulate them to be as good as possible. Besides, it would enable you to have more than one option, so that you can be safe no matter what may occur. If you do your job properly, and you pay attention to all these factors, you have great chances to get a fully functional and well-converting website to help you grow your business the healthy way.


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